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The Company History

Urekote-Thai Co., Ltd., was established in late 1994 as a supplier of quality materials to support the manufacturing industry. It was initiated by a group of foresighted professionals who realizes Thailand’s capability and wishes to contribute in making it a leading manufacturing nation. As the country is moving towards its vision, Urekote-Thai will proudly be side by side working to provide the necessary support.
Since its establishment, Urekote-Thai has grown significantly to become a leader in the respective market.

Company Overview

We are a leading supplier of various raw materials used in chemical industries in Thailand including paints, inks, plastics & rubbers, lubricants, water treatments, constructions, adhesives, cosmetics, and food.

We have made continuous improvements in terms of product lines and teams as well as have expanded our business horizon. To date, we have an effective organization consisting of the management team who possesses extensive industry experience, and the marketing team who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the chemical industry.

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