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Professional Material Provider


Urekote-Thai has been contributing to the Decorative Paint, Automobile Paint, and Printing industries. 


Urekote-Thai is the supplier of various raw materials used in the Chemical industry. We have been well recognized in the paint & ink industry for over decades. Currently we have also been expanding into the plastics, rubbers, lubricant, cosmetics, water treatment, constructions and adhesives industries.


We have supply food additives for the food manufacturers in Thailand. With very concerning in the logistics and make customer satisfy with our service, our warehouse is located near by air cargo and sea port, so we can do the clearance very fast for in time delivery to destination.

Our ultimate goal is to be a part of the continuous advancement of the industrial segment in Thailand with the aim to enhance the quality of life for all living-beings.

Having been contributing to the manufacturing industries in Thailand for over 20 years, Urekote-Thai has continuously been an integral part of the industries’ rapid growth and success, helping to make Thailand one of the important manufacturing locations in South East Asia with recognized international standards and quality.


We are proud to be a part of the sustainable development of the society.


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